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Welcome to Letters to Neet !!

Letters to Neet is my globe-trotting journal, crafted out of explicit wanderlust and heartfelt yearning to document my travels to read to my grandkids during my 80’s.

It is a go-to-website for the gypsy travel souls who want budgeted travel over luxury, adventure over routine, offbeat over mainstream and absolute crazy memories to live by. It focuses on the fact that a not large sum of money is needed to travel but a deep-rooted passion. :*

Letters to Neet wishes to inspire every little girl and young woman out there to step out of her comfort zone and experience the vastness of life. Through my letters, I want to shout out to all females to empower themselves and build a life they would fall in love with. It is about finding joy in little things of life, to meet new people and to see things from a greater perspective.

I am a doctor by profession. During my second year of college, I traveled for the first time with my friends, only to travel numerous more times with yet more friends, strangers, and solo. Since then, I have always been on the move, pursuing my Bachelors of Dental Surgery and retracing my way to unfamiliar roads now and then, simply to lose myself into the wilderness. ☺

Over the years, it’s been a constant struggle to equipoise the two roleplays together, only to fall in love with that unending struggle even more. It’s been of prime importance to me to give due importance to both the passions, let alone one suffer at the expense of the other.

Thus, after 4 years of infinite vagabonding episodes, I decided to put my love for writing to create something ultra-revered, my globe-trotting journal.

Letters to Neet has been an ardent attempt to create a travel diary stacked with all my unfiltered travel stories to immortalize each of them. It has all the details you would need to plan a trip to obscure corners or maybe the same usual destinations but in an offbeat fashion– Itineraries, travel budgeting, accommodation suggestions, packing do’s and don’ts and inspiration blogs. ☺

Go ahead and cherish bits of each…

“Once the travel bug bites, there is no known antidote,

And I know that I shall  b e happily infected until the end of my life.
Michael  palin

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