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Planning with me

Planning a trip usually involves two broad aspects- Firstly, Choosing the right destination according to one’s preferences; Secondly, preparing and packing for that dreamy trip.

These broad aspects have to them many tiny details that can sometimes prove daunting, especially when it is a long vacation or extreme climatic conditions or maybe even a remote destination.

Hence, to avoid last-minute fretting, I follow the following steps to plan all my trips, without ever having to consult any travel consultant. Through this step-wise guide, you can too become independent and flexibly tailor your perfect trip according to your liking! 

 Let’s dive right into it!! 

Step 1

Be conscious!
So, the first and the foremost thing that I do before deciding any destination is to be conscious of the number of days I can afford from my schedule. Since I am a dentist, this step comes down to being mandatory. Furthermore, giving a well-informed thought to my budget for the trip is extremely important. It helps me plan my trip accordingly without hurting my pocket.

Step 2

Get inspired!
This is by far my favourite part of planning a trip. Considering all the dimensions, I surf Pinterest, Tripoto, travel blogs, and Instagram to find inspiration for the destination I want to explore. This helps me stumble upon beautiful photographs and create my own personalized bucket list, which altogether creates an aura of excitement and fernweh. For the sake of inspiration, I have specially curated an elaborate list of destination and a photo journal for all types of travellers. Check it out to fuel your soul with a spur!!

Step 3

Now that we are done deciding the destination you want to explore, the next obvious step is research. I like to research in length and breadth about my go-to place before actually hitting it. A detailed itinerary always comes super handy for long trips, of course, some tweaks made along the way mean adventure. Also, thorough research precisely helps me to be aware of what to expect, what all to reserve in advance, and the hardships I might endeavour along the road.

Step 4

Make reservations!
This is again one of the most exciting steps while planning a trip. I prefer to make reservations for flights well in advance so that I can avail discounts and book them cheap. As of for making bookings for stay, I like to find cute, quirky backpacking hostels and Airbnb’s. For some days of my trip, I pre-book while on the other days, I am the spontaneous type and like to scout and book along the way. However, I highly suggest you pre-book as it helps to avoid any ups and downs and be on the safer side.

Step 5

Let’s Pack!
Now that we are done nailing the details, the next obvious step is packing for the trip!! Yippee!! Packing for a trip is a volatile task as it totally depends on the duration of the trip, the weather conditions of the place. So, a thorough insight into the destination can help pack accordingly. Honestly, I am more of a backpack person, and I pack incredibly light using packing cubes. This helps me to stay organized and be handy with essential things. For a detailed packing guide for different kinds of vacations, feel free to go through the tips and tricks section of the blog.

Step 6

Hit the road!!
What could be the next step after packing? Obviously, let’s go hit the road! Now that we have worked enough hard planning the trip, we totally deserve a great trip. Cheers!

There is freedom waiting for you, on the breezes of the sky.

And you ask “What if I fall?” Oh but my darling, what if you fly?

Erin Hanson

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